Actividades físico terapéuticas

This department works seeking a greater autonomy and independence for our residents in the performing of their daily task, inviting them to take part in the various activities scheduled to train their basic skills.

  • Daily living training activities help the elder to maintain or improve his skills in proceedings such as bathing, grooming, dress and undress, feed, and go forth.
  • Physical fitness trains through the repetition of different mobility exercises, which stimulate the functional performance and physical condition of the resident.
  • Therapeutic physical activities. The motor reduction and cognitive lesions, affecting the functional performance of daily task, is approached by inviting the resident to meaningful activities such as: threading a needle, spinning or recognize objects through touch and other senses.
  • Occupational therapy: Different activities: arts and crafts, games to improve functional skill and esteem.
  • Psychomotor: Activities in group combine physical mobility with the perception of one´s own body and its integration with the environment.
  • Psycho stimulation: To prevent deterioration or increase cognitive stimulation, daily activities, individual or in group, are organized.
  • Music workshop and chorus: At the beat of musical instruments we recall songs and tunes from times ago, creating an animated and dynamic climate as in a great family.
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Actividades físico terapéuticas - Dep. Terapia Ocupacional


Vanesa Fernández - Resp. Terapia Ocupacional EntreÁlamos

Vanesa Fernández Ávila

Degree in Occupational Therapy

“We strive every day to maintain our residents active and independent as long as possible”