The elder´s personal and family circumstances are studied in our social work office.
Personalized attention is given to ensure a pleasant and rewarding quality of life to the residents in a warm and friendly environment, ensuring their welfare and full satisfaction.

These functions are designed to make easier the resident’s adaptation to the center:

  • Advice and guide the new resident and his family.
  • Welcome to the new resident and help him with the entry processing.
  • Manage and process of the following procedures: renewals IND, registration, health changes, processing of Law Unit, management for concerted and respite familiar …
  • Take the necessary steps to solve resident’ social problems.
  • Participate in the Technical Valuation, together with the direction and the representative of Social matters.
  • Attending to suggestions and complaints our department takes the necessary actions to improve the quality of the centre.
  • Perform initial assessment on the admission process, social report, individual care plan, social history etc…