biblioteca - Animación Sociocultural


Social animations are the essential activities which encourage the residents to socialize through different programs adapted to their needs and demands. The socio cultural animation stimulates the relationships, inviting the residents to participate in various activities and displaying his skills.

The elderly needs regular mental activities to maintain his brain sharp and improve his well-being.

This department proposes a schedule of activities with the following programs:

  • Current and press gathering: Where the resident keeps contact with reality and stays in touch with world events.
  • Craft activities: We use different techniques to keep our elders occupied with tasks that require a mental effort.
  • (Painting on canvas, oil painting, sand painting, and glass or wood trays…)
  • Computer workshop: Helps the elder to overcome the difficulties faced when using the new technologies, giving them basic computer skills to get into internet.
  • Activities for cognitively impaired residents: Mental stimulation helps the elder to improve his mindset, preventing loss of motor skills, memory issues and other cognitive problems.
  • Bingo: It is one of the most demanded recreational activities. Through play we enhance the resident’s attention and strengthen his social relationships.
  • Cinema: Every Saturday our residents can enjoy watching a movie chosen according to their taste.
  • Games: Besides exerting their physical and mental capabilities, the elderly also needs to have a good time. Several of them form groups to play dominoes, cards, ludo or chess. Sometimes dominos tournaments are held.
  • Bonsai workshop: Recently we have included this new activity to our leisure program. A delight in miniature gardening. Learn how to care for your bonsai tree, pruning and wiring, feeding and watering.
  • Aqua gym: During summer recommended activities include water exercise, which can also work as hydrotherapy for the bones. Residents who wish it may use our pleasant pool.
  • Besides the scheduled activities we celebrate Christmas, carnival, grandparent’s day and local feasts days… Those endearing days must not lose their charm and value upon aging.
    • Also entertaining performance visits our residence, as choir, dance group, theatre, and our typical Spanish tuna.
    • Cultural excursions are organized, concerts, theatre, visits to nativity scenes and conferences.
    • In EntreÁlamos each and everyone matters, birthday parties are held monthly and nobody must feel lonely.


Noelia Chaparro Ávila

Degree in Education, Technician in Social Integration, Master in Social and Socio-Cultural Education.

“Our best reward is to see our majors willingly taking part in the activities and watch how much they enjoy them”