Our mission

EntreÁlamos offers a personal attention protecting the resident’s privacy and individual requirement. Residents and their families are encouraged to participate in the normal functioning of the residence.

Framed in a management system inspired by efficiency and quality, we are committed to the constant improvement of our staff and organization.

An overview of EntreÁlamos

Our aim is to be a reference giving an excellent care throughout the entire residential process. Therefore, we are committed to a continuous adaptation, always ready to offer our residents a prompt attention to their needs.

EntreÁlamos ´main and fundamentals objectives are:

  • Respect in interpersonal relationships, privacy and dignity.
  • Integral care with help always available in all aspects, (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual).
  • Human quality of care in all our assistance.
  • Professionally prepared all our staffs are continually keeping up to date with care sector issues, regulatory demands and the promotion of courses to improve their knowledge for the best care of our residents and our quality systems.