EntreÁlamos faces our society´s new challenges through the development of specialized care for a wide range of personal and complex needs.

Our range care home mainly provides specialist cares for 4 groups of our population:

Valid persons

Despite the limitation of age, they are independent people to perform basic activities of daily living but who are seeking the security of having their accommodations needs looked after. With a special attention to their cultural and psychosocial environment, we encourage them to maintain their independence giving them personal and practical support when required.

Assisted Persons physically and/or psychologically

Dependent persons who need help to realize their daily basic activities. Persons with a high risk of losing their independence and suffer health complications with acute or chronic diseases. Cares are directed to establish or coordinate the necessary help to halt or delay the progress of their dependence as long as possible.

Persons with any type of cognitive impairment

They are residents who suffer a degenerative or acquired damage (Alzheimer´s, Parkinson´s, Lewy bodies, vascular…) with the consequent progressive loss of the cognitive function. Enabled to perform their daily activities, these residents require continuous medical-psychological care and specific therapeutic approach in special area (Alzheimer Unit)

Persons with important disorders

People suffering physical and mental disabilities. Persons with persistent and complex behaviour inappropriate for their age and producing difficulties in the house’s daily functioning (within their family, work or social relation) as they do not fit the rules appropriate to the context. Skilled professionals offer a wide range of personal and complex care needs. Rehabilitative care, focused on the emotional and behavioural aspects helping them to social integration.