General Services

  • Pre-admission, reception and admission: information before and during the admission process, the centre assessment on the interdisciplinary adaptation.
  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment in achieving the objectives set for each individual. Strengthening the resident´s autonomy and maximising good physical, mental and emotional health in a comfortable and experienced care setting.
  • Room and board: Our dining room serves alternatives menus and special diets, laundry and sewing service daily functioning, up keeping and cleaning service, private and daily bus service, special assessment for daily activities.
  • Medical and health services: medical advice service, 24 hours nursing, prescribing and administration of medicines, nutritional assessment, by pressure ulcers´ prevention, risk of falls prevention service, cures, immunizations, diet control.
  • Psychosocial department: psychological support, leisure and code conduct for coexistence, cognitive behavioural therapy, wide range of communal activities, Internet access, game rooms and TV, promotion of social and family relationship, information on social and community resources, management consultant, stimulate social activities outside the centre.
  • Programs of Physiotherapy.
  • Programs of Occupational therapy.
  • Socio-cultural programs.
  • Social Care of the family.
  • Library.
  • Free private parking.
  • Free private parking.

Specific Services

  • Chiropody.
  • Hairdresser.
  • Escort companion.
  • Residents ´and families´ bus service .