Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular disease is the main health problem in developed countries. Professionals´ intervention in the prevention and treatment of cardiac diseases is necessary. They mainly attend:

  • Arterial hypertension
  • Heart failure
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Chronic vascular disease – Cardiac valvulopathy
  • Peripheral vascular disease


Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs

The cardiac rehabilitation programs in Entrealamos pay special attention to the treatment and care of the cardiovascular system. These programs are based on a set of therapeutic measures targeted to heart suffering people as well as to those who after a long period of rest or inactivity need effort retraining.

The main objective is to improve the quality of life while reducing the incidence of new complications.

These programs should immediately start after the cardiology process is stabilized. For maximum effectiveness the programs practice multidisciplinary approach including physical training, psychological patterns of action and control of risk factor.

Patient assessment

  • Interpretation of the patient‘s medical history
  • Stratification of risk
  • Identification of cardiovascular risk factors

Control of risk factors

  • Blood pressure
  • Glucose
  • Cholesterol
  • Life habits


Prescription and control of physical exercise

Individually tailored to the patient’s cardiovascular condition.

Control of heart healthy habits

  • Diet
  • Properly taking medication

Psychological support

Resumption of the patient’s daily activities

  • Training to improve the basic and instrumental activities in the daily living (ADL and IADL)
  • Adapted physical exercise and psychomotor activity
  • Productive activities

Specialty Units