We offer comprehensive care to every elderly people who whether for personal, social or family motives decide to stay with us.


Indefinite stays

  • Private.
  • State-subsided stays (Dependency Law).
  • “Dependency Law” is a help awarded by the government of Andalusia to defray part of the cost of the private sector.

Temporally stays (monthly, weekly, weekend…)

EntreÁlamos is an ideal place for holidays. We offer extended respite breaks and temporary support to persons who are in a dependent situation, collaborating with the families when they cannot provide appropriate convalescence care (rehabilitation, postoperative…).

Concerted respite

From one month to three our center gives residence care to elderly in situation of dependency when their family cannot take them in charge. (Specialized long term medical services, help to recover from the aftereffects of a serious illness, rest, hospitalization…).

Home care

Covering a wide range of services our “home health care” begins with a comprehensive geriatric assessment. EntreÁlamos´ professional team defines the type of care needed. Depending on the cases, we offer two types of professional care:

  • Involves helping the elderly with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, and medication, (how and when they should be taken). Accompany visits to family and relationships or help with administrative questions. All services are staffed by experienced and qualified professionals.
  • Specialist care for old age-related needs provided by members of our care team: medical, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy, social work, occupational therapy, control of medication, cures, analytical, physical and cognitive stimulation.