A Healthly and Balanced Diet in EntreÁlamos

Knowing how important meals are for the elderly, our cook prides herself on knowing the residents’ tastes. She prepares a choice of home cooked, fresh, nutritional meals and catering for any dietary and cultural needs.

In order to help the elderly digestion and the absorption of nutrients it is important to distribute food in four or five doses throughout the day.

Breakfast is done through a rich and varied buffet. For lunch and dinner the resident can choose between two first plates and two second ones.
The snack consists of coffee or tea, ´various pastries, yoghurt and fruit. Besides the principal meals our residents are served three hydration drinks during the day; mid morning, another in the afternoon and the last one after dinner. (Tea, juice or milk)

Menus Updated as of September 1, 2016, in compliance with the Food Safety and Nutrition Law 17/2011 and the Alimentary Food Allergens Law in the European Regulation 1169/2011


If you are interested in having our menus in English language, request them in comunicacion@entrealamos.com

February 2018

Lunch from Ene 29th to Feb 4th

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Dinner from Ene 29th to Feb 4th

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Lunch from Feb 5th to Feb 11th

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Dinner from Feb 5th to Feb 11th

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Lunch from Feb 12th to Feb 18th

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Dinner from Feb 12th to Feb 18th

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Lunch from Feb 19th to Feb 25th

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Dinner from Feb 19th to Feb 25th

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Lunch from Feb 26th. to Mar 4th.

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Dinner from Feb 26th. to Mar 4th.

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Resident’s Manager

Ana Belen Garcia Montosa

N.I.D.: 74640383-R

Hygienic-Sanitary Responsible

Dr. Carlos Gracian

Collegiate nº 18-2907148

Dra. Carmen Martin

Collegiate nº 18/1801747

Dr.Juan Carlos Carrillo

Collegiate nº18/186925

Kitchen responsible

Sta. Yolanda Sánchez

N.I.D. 44281675-M

Dietician and nutritionist

Dr. Alfonso C. Galvez Martin

Collegiate Nº 1809895