EntreÁlamos, Senior Residential Centre

EntreÁlamos is a specialized centre in nursing care for elderly, suiting the specific needs of each group.


EntreÁlamos is situated in a peaceful residential area with a park to walk around and easily accessible from Granada.


First level care facilities in every detail to create a welcoming and homely atmosphere.


Human team

EntreÁlamos offers skilled professionals for a wide range of personal care needs.



Excellent quality management is based on the institution’s commitment to be a useful member to the society.

Why choose us?

EntreÁlamos opts for a more comprehensive vision. We combine a special attention to prevention and health care with the social and cultural environment where the elder develops. We are committed to compliance with the principle of Quality Policy taking account the residents’ needs, the families’ demand, the environment and the analyses of the satisfaction degree with the services provided..

Why choose us

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EntreÁlamos Senior Residential Centre:

  • Camino de Caparacena near to the Cubillas Reservoir
  • 18230, Atarfe (Granada)
  • Phone: 958 537 300 – 958 998 181
  • Fax: 958 495 009
  • Email: info@entrealamos.com